Animals Should Not Be Kept in Cages


Most people would agree that animals should not be kept in cages. They are meant to be kept in the wild. They get separated from their family and they don’t get to hunt in those silly cages.


Most animals should be kept in the wild. 82% of animals would like to live in the wild instead of those silly cruel cages and want to live in their natural habitat. Would you like it if you were in a cramped, smelly, silly cage? I have been to a dog shelter before and there are thousands of puppies that just want to be left in the wild but have been put in cages and just want to be free. That’s why I think animals should be left in their natural habitat instead of cages.

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Why Do Animals Hibernate?

What does hibernate mean?

Hibernate means to take a long season snooze, to help animals survive with a belly full of food most animals sleep through the cold winter and wake up in spring.

How long do animals hibernate for?

They hibernate for about six to seven weeks, in their cave or underground.

What type of animals hibernate?

Bears, turtles, frogs, snail, snakes, bee, groundhogs, humming birds, bats,

Skunks and ladybugs are most of the animals that hibernate.

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